Over Nathalie

Nathalie started with Hatha Yoga in 1992 at a Buddhist center in Brussels. Insight Yoga and Buddhist meditation resonates with many aspects of her personality and her spiritual quest for softness, flexibility, precision, non-violence and introspection.

For over 20 years she studied the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo for which she often goes to India. In addition, she practices weekly Iyengar Yoga for its precision and Mindful Yin because it helps her to release tensions and prepare her for meditation.

Nathalie invites you to practice Yoga with mindfulness, gentleness and respect by encouraging you to look inside and work on yourself, so you come to balance both physically and mentally.

Since 2012, she organizes with passion Yoga and meditation retreats in India and various places in Europe. During these retreats the emphasis is on Yoga, meditation and conscious living.

I believe … that practicing Yoga is about much more than body’s flexibility … that we are all Divine and our lives have a purpose … that our difficulties and sadness are as necessary as our triumphs and joy … that we can change anything we want in our lives, so long as our desire is greater than our resistance to changing.

Nathalie’s Yoga Teacher certifications

Ongoing Integral Yoga in Aurovalley Ashram, India with Swami Brahmdev

Ongoing Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers at Insight Yoga Institute: integrating Yoga, Buddhism, Mindfulness and spiritual psychologie.

  • Insight Yoga Institute – Level I (100-hrs), level II (30-hrs) with Sarah Powers
  • Functional Yin Yoga/anatomy with Paul Grilley ‘s senior teachers:
    • Chinese Medicine, Meridian Nidra & hip anatomy (65-hrs) with Jo Phee
    • Basic (30-hrs) & advanced Yin (20-hrs) with Joe Barnett
    • Basic (50-hrs) with Anat Geiger
  • Therapeutic Yoga (50-hrs) with Yogabrahmacharya Klaas Stuive
  • Raja Yoga of Patanjali (500-hrs) with Sari Schnitfink

Spiritual mentorship

Meditation silent retreats

  • Insight Yoga & Inquiry, silent retreat with Sarah Powers (2018, 2019)
  • Silent retreat with Tijn Touber & Juno Burger (2019)
  • The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness – silent retreat at Dechen Chöling with Acharya Mathias Pongracz (2017)

Workshops update


  • Various online workshops with Sarah & Ty Powers
  • Online workshops with Joe Phee & Jo Barnett


  • Werken met klankschaal met Boventoon
  • Vedic chanting with Veda Belgium


  • Iyengar Yoga trainingsdagen with Eva Kamala
  • Katha Upanishad with Gita Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
  • Vedic chanting with Veda Belgium


  • The Buddhist Mind – Yin Yoga & The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
    with Whit Hornsberger
  • The vision of the Bhagavad with Gita Neema Majmudar & Surya Tahora
  • Fundamentals of Restorative Yoga with Kristen MacPherson


  • Upanishad, aan de voeten van de meester with Klaas Stuive
  • Vedic chanting introduction, Sanskrit Belgium
  • Vedic chanting for health and healing, Sanskrit Belgium
  • Gayatri Mantra, Sanskrit Belgium


  • Yin & Yang Yoga with Simon Low
  • Yoga weekend with Max Strom
  • Hormonal Yoga therapy with Kathy Wolff


  • Yogalessen leren maken (34-hrs) with Paul Meirsman


  • Critical Alignement Yoga with Gert van Leeuwen
  • Hormonal Yoga with Sari Schnitfink