India Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Disconnection is a cultural epidemic. We are taught to control the body by way of the mind, which is considered superior.  But the body has an intelligence whose mysteries the mind has yet to fathom.  We read in books how to eat, how much sleep to get, and impose these practices on the body rather than listening from within.
Without the body as a unifying figure of existence we become fragmented. We repress our aliveness and become machine like, easily manipulated. We lose our testing ground for truth.

~Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith


A back2roots Yoga en meditation retreat in an authentic ashram in North India.  An in-depth investigation into the transformation power of Yoga through asanas, pranayama, mantra chanting and meditation.

Join Nathalie for a 10-days yoga en meditation retreat in an authentic ashram in North India.

In the calm of the foothills of the Himalayas, in-between the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh free yourself from past attachments, gain a new perspective, create new connections and make powerful shifts in your life.

Listen to the sweet sounding birds, the trickling water of the holy Ganges river, and be absorbed in the breathtaking views of the Himalayan foothills – as life at Aurovalley ashram transforms your life.

LOCATION  – The retreat will take place at Aurovalley ashram located near the holy Ganges River.

It’s authentic, clean, pure, very spiritual, the food is simple but good, the rooms are clean and comfortable. You can empty your busy mind here during the collective meditations, you can do karma yoga, talk with Swamiji during his satsang and they have a library full of inspirational books. If you want to find peace and feel the connection with yourself and the universe, this is the place to go to.”  ~Goedele Leyssen

YOGA and MEDITATION – Nathalie teaches from her heart and the tradition of Yoga, she will guide you on a journey back home.  She combines traditional asanas and the eight limbs of yoga with inspiring music and focused breathing, to create a welcoming, loving environment in which every moment on the mat is an opportunity to nourish, heal and create the life we seek.

The solar/morning meditation and asana practice will be dynamic and energizing and the lunar afternoon/evening practice will focus on rejuvenation and deep rest.

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